Samor Reality

Believes in delivering value to all our customers &
partners by creating world-class products.
Samor Reality believes in delivering value to all our customers & partners by creating world-class products. Our vision is to create homes, retail spaces, commercial spaces, and business centers that uphold unparalleled quality and reflect timelessness.

We aim to create spaces that enable you to focus on the things you consider important – whether it is developing your own business, creating a happy family, or inviting friends over a coffee, or simply finding the time and space to dream with open eyes. We Design a way of life for you so your future is bright.

In 1997, M/s. Samor Sales was a new name, in Ahmedabad, in the field of Aluminium Architecture Products fabricators, started by Mr. Birju Shah. In the initial stage of the inception of the company i.e. for two yrs. M/s. Samor Sales acted as an intermediate person between Architectural, Client, Suppliers, Labor Contractors by charging their Business commission.

By his punctuality, sincerity, quality of work, and good co-operation from Architects, Interior Designers, Material Suppliers, Labor Contractors, and Clients. In 2006, Mr. Birju Shah has added a new dimension to his working capabilities by starting a new venture in Real Estate Development in Ahmedabad.

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